A World of Onions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



EuroOnions MA.CE.DER,S.L. is a company committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and reducing environmental impact. 

Since June 2017, we are working on new facilities, more modern, sustainable and with all the necessary resources to make possible ambitious goals and objectives. Our environmental management system covers all interested parties, from our suppliers to the final customer and the product from birth to the end of its life cycle. Based on the principle of the 3 Rs (reduce, recycle and reuse) and make use of two important concepts for us in the decision as in the approach of the life cycle and the management of the supply chain, we have realized an ambitious Environmental objective: reduce the generation of waste with final destination to landfill. For this, we will segregate all the possible material, and the use of environmental conditions, as well as the a plan in contamination reduction and protection of the natural resources.

The scope and managment system policy are available to all interested parties in the following email: calidad@eurocebollas.es