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Dehydrated onion


To make onion flakes, onions are simply chopped and then allowed to dry, either in the sun, in a dehydrator, or in an oven on a low setting.




 As the onions dry out, they shrink dramatically, and the pieces do indeed look like flakes once the drying process is finished. 


The dry flakes can be stored in an airtight container for six months to a year before use, and they can be used to replace regular onions in recipes, or they made be added to dressings, soups, marinades, and rubs.


Over the years dehydrated onions have been a solution for long shelf life and ambient storage and to be able to use them the onion has needed to be rehydrated with water.




The problem with dehydrated onion is that when dried, they lose the major part of the essence , flavor and pugnency of the onion and the texture is not the same.




EuroOnions can offer dehydrated onion or its cost effective substitute "Ready to use Onion". 



The onions have all the flavor of home cooked onions without the mess, fuss or tears. Ready to serve straight from the can/pouch, they are a perfect addition to your favorite dishes including pastas, casserole, risotto and quiches.

Even so EuroOnions offers a wide range of high quality Dehydrated Onion. The onions produced are dehydrated using a continuous-conveyor drying system. Each stage is carefully controlled to remove the optimum amount of moisture without damaging the onions pure flavor.

We offer Dehydrated White Onion Chops to our clients at wide range. These are processed under the supervision of our quality experts who use advance technology for its freshness and quality. These onion chops are highly used for preparing ethnic food, canned & frozen vegetable mixes, dry casserole mixes and stuffing mixes. These are offered to our clients at market leading rates.
Other Information

Packaging Details: We offer premium quality of Dehydrated White Onion Chops, processed according to the detail specifications provided to us by our clients. These onion chops are widely used at global market for preparing Special Ethnic Food , Canned & Frozen vegetable mixes, Dry Casserole Mixes and Stuffing Mixes. We offer them at leading market rates. 

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 In addition to this, we have also earned loads of appreciation for efficiently meeting the bulk requirements of the market. 

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