A World of Onions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  



Onions are a staple ingredient in many recipes. Keep these diced onions in your pantry as an important ingredient for your favorite recipe. Their savory flavor often is the finishing touch to your favorite meal. Canning and preserving onions leaves them soft but flavorful.

Canning and preserving low-acid foods — like onions — requires pressure canning to kill microorganisms that are harmful if not destroyed before ingesting the food.

Canned onions are useful for any quick meal. They are great if eaten on a burger, heated and added to gravy, or just eaten as a condiment.
Why sit down to the same old dishes every evening? Instead, add the crunch and flavor of EuroOnions Onions to many of your favorite dishes. From Green Bean Casserole, Teriyaki Steak with Crunchy Onions and Peppers, and Crunchy Lemon-Dill Salmon to our mouthwatering Crunchy Onion Chicken recipe, EuroOnions Onions can transform any dish into something exciting!

So next time you're at the supermarket, look for Eurocebollas Fried Onions in the canned vegetable aisle.

If you are a fan of softened, sweet caramelized onions that perfectly accompany meats, potatoes and add that perfect toppings to thick soups, stay tuned! You can make these delectable sweet onions easily at home.

You can buy lightly cooked onion, caramelized onion, or fried onion with olive oil.

EuroOnions onions come is aseptic packaging and are already peeled, diced and lightly cooked for your convenience. The onions are cooked from fresh and have all the flavor of home cooked onions without the mess, fuss or tears. Ready to serve straight from the can/pouch, they are a perfect addition to your favorite dishes including pastas, casserole, pizzas, hot dogs, burgers, risotto and quiches.